Hi, I’m Preeti, a passionate experience and interface designer based in Orlando, Florida.

I enjoy designing  meaningful  and delightful human experiences by combining my information-driven approach with an empathic understanding of users.

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Every single background is part of a bigger picture.

I came to design from communication and digital media production background, which allowed me to practice applying research experience and emotional design skills. I am a self-taught designer who is passionate about the Design Thinking process.

I recently completed my online UX Design course with the Interaction Design Foundation. I’m very eager to put my newfound knowledge to use in a UX role.

​I grew up in Delhi, India, which is also known as the food capital of India, so trying new foods is in my genes. Photography is my second love as it allows me to observe and appreciate big and small things around me. In my free time, I love clicking pictures of my daughter and enjoy how she surprises me every time.

Life Mantra:

"Take risks in your life if you win, you can lead! if you lose, you can guide."- Swami Vivekananda